Living in Hamburg

Not only focusing on places to visit, I thought that I would share my living experience in Hamburg.

One thing you need to know: Hamburg is a very international city, with many students coming to study, for internships, and to work. It is important to know that because of this, it makes the housing situation quite difficult.


When I got my internship and had to be in Hamburg 10 days later, I searched for a room on websites such as wg-gesucht, where a lot of people put ads for vacant rooms. I remember that I contacted a bunch of people but ended up getting no answers back. So I went there anyway and stayed in hostels for 2 weeks.

I can now say that I have experienced hostels! I did 4 different in 2 weeks. Hopefully they were quite cheap, so that’s a good thing. I will give some feedbacks on all of them.

  • InstantSleep Backpacker Hotel– Sternschanze: It is a classic hostel, best if you stay for a very short period, and located in a very animated and growing area. The not-so-good part is that it has rooms up to 12 beds. That’s what I got for the night I stayed there, and hopefully it was the only one. I liked the atmosphere there, I even met a group of Scottish people, but the room was too full.
  • Wira Hostel– Lübecker Straße: Classic hostel with welcoming people, located in a nice and quite neighborhood. I enjoyed staying there, even if there were 2 men in my room and both of them snored!
  • Meininger– Altona: Very nice place, said to be a 3 stars hotel but very affordable. It was a very new and clean building, with very nice rooms! The location is also ideal, as Altona is kind of the heart of Hamburg.
  • Wira Hostel– Königstraße: This last hostel was definitely my favorite one. It was a standard and classic hostel, but the people working and staying there were really nice. That is where I met good friends. The must is that it is located right next to the Reeperbahn, the red quarter of the city.

IMG_0771                                IMG_0788

Pictures: the first one is from the InstantSleep hostel, you can see that the room is quite full with all the beds. The second one is from the Meninger hotel, which looks nicer!


After a while, I had the chance that a girl from the company I worked for was leaving Hamburg. She told me I could take her room back, and that’s what happened. I was living with another German guy, here for an internship as well. Very nice guy, and great apartment, located in the nice neighborhood of Hasselbrook.

Another thing you need to know: rooms that you find might be furnished or not, it depends. And the rent can be pretty cheap (between 300 and 350€ all included).

The problem with wg it is generally difficult to stay in one apartment for too long, because of people coming back, or definitely leaving. After 5 months in this wg, I had to search for another one, which hasn’t been an easy task, again.

I ended up living a bit farther away, in Harburg (I took me more time to go to work or to the center). The area was very different due to a high percentage of Turkish people living there (but I never had any problems!), and I had a mall right down the road.



As usual, the most annoying part of moving into a new country is the documents we have to do. Here are some tips:

  • Either it is to work, do an internship or something else, you generally have within 2 weeks to register.
  • If you do not have a place yet, don’t worry, you are not obligated to register until you find a place. I myself was in this situation as I was living in hostels, and the people at the registration told me to wait until I find a proper room.
  • Find the closest registration office (Kundenzentrum) and make an appointment online. I tried to go there directly the first time, but the queue was wayyyy too long!
  • You can either fill out the paper (Anmeldung) online or at the office.
  • Once at the appointment, make sure you have all documents you need. After the interview with the German official, you will receive your registration confirmation! Yay! Now, don’t lose it! 😉
  • Lastly: If you ever move out and move in in a new place, you will have to register again! It’s important to not forget that.

If you want to get more details, take a look to this article. Very helpful!


I hope those first tips will help you, if you ever decide to spend time in Hamburg 🙂

Thanks for reading, Tschüss!


©Copyright- All pictures are my own. Please do not take them without permission.


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