Hamburg’s Port

Oh dear Landungbrücken! I have spent so much time walking around the platforms, looking at the boats, little souvenir shops, and restaurants! That’s a place I love in Hamburg.

Landungsbrücken means landing bridges as the port is basically a floating dock with numerous bridges. There are many shipping boats, which you can see on the other side of the river, but also taxi/subway boats that can drive you to 3 stops around the Elbe, and from time to time you can see cruise boats (including the Queen Mary II !!).

There is a subway station to access it (Landungsbrücken). You arrive right at the port.



Subway Boats

I have taken the subway boat twice during my time in Hamburg. It is free with your HVV subway card. It lasts approximately 1 hour if you come back to the docks. It is a great thing to do as you will see first the Altona/Fischmarkt area, then Blankenese with its superbe houses and its small beach, and the port itself. It is really interesting to see the composition of the port, with all the shipping boats coming or already at the container terminals, and you realize how big it is.

In fact, Hamburg’s port is the largest in Germany. It has a load of activities and is in expansion.

IMG_0824          IMG_0932

Subway boat; View from the boat

IMG_0935          IMG_0981

Cruise ship; the Hafen


If you ever stop there and wanna eat, ask for fish and have a beer with it! That’s one of the best thing you can have there (obviously)! I personally ate at the Captain’s Dinner, and it was really good! But you have a bunch of possibilities, and frankly everything looks good. Of course, you will also find crepes and ice creams.

If you want to keep it more traditional or if you are not fond of sea food, you can always go to the Hard Rock Café. They have very good burgers, and cocktails! Dont hesitate to try if you can.

The old Elbe Tunnel

Another stop that you should make is at the old Elbe Tunnel. There is machinery and 4 large lift cages, built to transport people and vehicles. It is a round-roofed building situated between the bridges 6 and 7 . Go down there and walk under the Elbe, through the tunnel to go on the other side of the river. From there, you will have a stunning panoramic view of the harbour! Im telling you, it is beautiful!

IMG_0883-                IMG_0887

The Elbtunnel  


View of the port from the other side of the Elbe

Bar-Beach Club

If you want to have a drink with some friends, either after work or anytime, I recommend you the Hamburg City Beach Club, located at Landungsbrücken 3. I went there with some colleagues after work, and we had a great time! The summer weather is really perfect to go to those beach clubs. You can just seat at a table or some couches, just relax and have a good time. An advice: if you are going with many people, try to be there sooner than later, because the place filled up very quick when I went there! And when there are many many people, it becomes very narrow-spaced.


Hamburg City Beach Club


When it comes to the shops, you have many options: the little souvenir shops to keep memories of the port or Hamburg itself or you have the famous Hard Rock Café Shop. I personally like Hard Rock Café, I am used to have a souvenir (mostly T-Shirts) of the different cities I have been to.


Hard Rock Café


I hope you will enjoy this post on Hamburg’s port, and I hope I transmitted my love for this place to you all!

Guten Tag 😉


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