Tips For a Good Flight


Flying without worries

How to be prepared for short and long-haul flights

If you travel around Europe, rules are less strict than if you travel out of Europe.IMG_0080

  • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before take off (you can arrive 1 hour before if you do not have luggage to check in) for short flights
  • Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before for long-haul flights
  • Check in at the desk
  • Make sure your hand luggage is not too heavy, so that it is more comfortable for you to go around the airport (I personally always have a heavy hand luggage, I don’t know how I do it, but I’m telling you: it’s terrible! So avoid that 🙂 )
  • Do not forget to place any sharp objects in your checked luggage and not your hand luggage! You will be stopped and probably questioned by the security!
  • Check recent regulations before you leave so that your shampoo bottle is not over the size limit for carry-on liquids and get confiscated.
  • Bring a travel pillow and an eye mask so that you would be able to sleep more comfortably
  • Do not forget headphones if you wanna watch movies, tv shows or listen to music. Bring readings as well! Books, magazines…

Where to get the best prices

I usually take some time to go through several websites before buying a flight ticket- it is not some little money, right?

I recommend you to check tickets early– at least 3 to 4 months before- and check them regularly. You may know that plane tickets prices are very volatile!

I personally like to get my plane tickets on I think this site has pretty cheap fares, and I never had troubles regarding transactions. I think that Kayak, Easy Jet, and British Airways are quite good as well, for fair prices.

Look up for different possibilities: check out price difference to different airports where you want to go, if you can have multiple destinations (arriving at one airport and leaving from another) at a not so different price, the least expensive airport to depart from, a flight with stop or a direct one etc.

You could check out several dates as well, if you have some flexibility. Prices can change greatly from one date to another!

Overview of some airlines companies


I recently flew with Icelandair, both times to go to the U.S from France. I just want to give you some feedback on that.

  • First, they hand you a bottle of Icelandic water when you come in the plane, which is nice.
  • Second, I barely had anything to eat during those 2 flights, especially the 1st one, which was during the day. All that we could eat, we had to actually pay for it! I mean, isn’t it enough to pay the flight fares?! When I’m on a long-haul flight, I expect at least one meal provided on behalf of the airline company.
  • For the second flight, which was a night flight, we had a breakfast 1 hour before our stop. The food was not amazing, but it was nice.


XL Airways

I flew with XL France from the U.S. back to France during Winter break.

  • Being a long flight, Xl Airways provided us with a complete hot meal and drinks, which was great.
  • However, the hand luggage is limited to 5kg (approx. 11 pounds), which I mean is NOTHING!

And of course, this happened for my flight back to France, when I had only a short time before arriving at Paris airport and catching my train, so I opted for taking only a hand luggage. I really had to go around that limitation, and put things on my computer bag… it was terrible. They should definitely increase that limit, like other airlines, to at least 10kg (approx. 22 pounds).


I hope that those few tips will be helpful for you guys!

See you 🙂


©Copyright- All pictures are my own. Please do not take them without permission.


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