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Bergerac is a municipality of the department of the Dordogne (24), in region Aquitaine, in the South West of France. There are 27972 inhabitants, so it is a pretty small city. It has been classified city of art and history. The city is crossed by the Dordogne river.

I don’t live directly in Bergerac, but 15mins away, in the suburbs. But my high school was in the city center, so I got to spend time with friends there. There is not much to do there, but it is nice that we can just sit down and have a good time.

There are also some shops on the main street, Rue Neuve d’Argenson.

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Bergerac is well known for its high-quality wines. There are 12000 hectares for 12 naming including Bergerac, Bergerac rosé, Bergerac sec, Monbazillac, Pécharman, Montravel. Monbazillac wine is probably the best known internationally, and has a great reputation for its high quality and sweet wines. Monbazillac is best drank with foie gras as a starter, or with cheese at the end of the meal.

The Bergerac rosé, and every rosé, are fresh wines, which are perfect for summer period and for BBQs or all along the meal. The Bergerac red should be served slightly fresh, and served with some delicatessen, meat or cheese. The Bergerac blanc sec (dry white) is best served with shellfish, grilled fish or goat cheese.


Cyrano de Bergerac, a French dramatist and duelist, is also part of my city’s history. Even though the actual Cyrano never lived in Bergerac, the city has 2 statues of Cyrano: the old one stands on Place de la Myrpe, and the new statue, which is painted in color stands on a stainless steel pedestal, on Place Pelissiere.

Capture d’écran 2015-03-02 à 12.14.34                                                               Capture d’écran 2015-03-02 à 12.14.13


The gabarres, or scrows, were first used to dispatch merchandises, as Bergerac and its port’s harbour activities contributed greatly to the economy. Nowadays, the scrows are only used for tourism, as people can embark there and see the city from the Dordogne River. As you walk around the Dordogne River, you have also great chances to see people rowing training.

                                       IMG_2135 IMG_0002

Restaurants and Bars

Bergerac, and especially the old Bergerac, has many little restaurants that are worth the try! You will mainly find typical restaurants, with specialities from the Perigord such as foie gras (duck liver), truffle, duck confit, terrines, walnuts, strawberries, sweet chestnut, and cep.

There is also a Hall Market where you can find local products, as well as the market taking place every Wednesday morning, where you can also find  clothes, cds, books, jewels… The best market you should do is the Christmas Market! It is pretty small (like the city), but the products there are amazing. Enjoy some artisanal crepes with some hot wine!

Of course, Bergerac has it share of bars as well. The well-known one is called Plus Que Parfait (PQP) and is a really nice place to have a drink with friends, or a coffee.


I hope this first look at my home town will make you want to stop by! The Dordogne has many amazing sites, which are beautiful, and should be seen and appreciated!

See you 🙂


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