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Travel and Technology

Today, I wanna talk about both technology and travel by giving some tips about which apps to choose when traveling.

I have made a selection of a few, the ones that I think works the best and are convenient. I have tried all of these this semester and I wanted to give you my feedback and share my impressions with you.


Gogobot is a very fun app to plan your travel! It has a great design and it includes all information that you could be looking for when away for work, a week end or for vacation. Also, it allows users like you to leave reviews, in which you fully trust. I really liked this app- I like its look and all its options. I highly recommend Gogobot!

  • It allows you to access hotels and accommodations options available in your area through “Stay”; “Eat” gives you all places where to eat that are located in your area; “Play” gives you all the activities available in your current location
  • If you click on the map icon on the top right corner, you’ll have a map of all the places proposed.
  • In “Feed” you’ll find the latest reviews for your local area but also for other areas, by clicking on “Global”.
  • When clicking on “Region” you’ll find reviews and pictures about your current location.
  • Signing up allows to post reviews of your own and create postcards, which consist in sharing photos of the places you’ve been to and help other Gogobot users to discover new places.
  • In the menu tab, you have the option to create lists, “explore the world” gives you various cities with their history, foodies, backpackers, nightlife… all kind of info and you can also write reviews.

photo 1

photo 2     photo 3     photo 4


photo 5

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor goes a step beyond. It is the largest traveling site, and its app is amazing. You can plan your trip from A to Z, including your plane ticket. It offers trusted advices from travelers and a wide range of planning features with many links to useful sites. Its THE app your need to plan your perfect trip!

  • You can access a list of hotels and restaurants in the city you selected, you have filter options for price, type of food, and the map to see the location.
  • What to see and do gives you everything that you can see and do in the area you selected
  • You can look at and book flights.
  • You can check your different bookings, see your favorites.
  • You have forums where you can pick ideas of what to see and do in different cities and also advice others on what you have done already.
  • You can write reviews as well.

The two last picture are the TripAdvisor City Guides, a different app than the TripAdvisor app. The city guides basically allows you to browse among many many cities guides, which you can download and look at offline.

photo 3 (2)                                                                             photo 4 (2)

photo 5 (2)          photo 1 (4)          photo 2 (4)


photo 1 (3)          photo 2 (3)


Unlike is a very fresh and modern app. I love is design and think it is very easy to use. It offers insider guides created by users, meaning that you can also create guides of the cities you have been to. The Unlike team really offers a lot of cool information for many cities, which will ease your trip!

  • You can put either your current location or choose another location (here “Paris).
  • The button “Paris”, below “Unlike” can be clicked on to change your location or a city you want.
  • In “Places”, you’ll see a list of nearby attractions, the latest posts on the app, the food, shop, after dark options, the cultural places, where to escape, and hotels.
  • In “Guides”, you will see different articles that have relevant information for your location.
  • In “Create”, you can add a place or create a guide yourself.
  • You also have access to a “Global feed”, where you see the latest places and guides that have been posted.

photo 1 (2)                                                                             photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)          photo 4 (1)           photo 5 (1)

photo 2 (2)



Foursquare redefined the nearby search by giving users the opportunity to save the places they like, and provide you with suggestions of places that might interest you, according to your tastes. You will also find recommendations and evaluation of places as well as friends, where they went and how they liked the places or not.

  • On the main page, there are suggestions for the best restaurants, bars, shops, and places around you. If you want something specific, like a restaurant, click on the first icon (knife and fork) above and there will be many restaurants options in the area. You can filter the research by selecting the price range, the opening/closing hours, the characteristics etc. There is also a map that will help you visualize where the restaurants are around you.
  • Click on the “…” in order to see all the options of what you would be looking for. When you chose one, you will have the same options mentioned above.
  • Click on “Here” and the app will find the exact place where you are (in my case Rider University Gee Hall). You can see the tips given for this place, but you can also evaluate it, leave a tip, or save it.
  • “Saved” is where all the places that you saved are.
  • In “Profil” you have the option to leave insider tips about the places you been to.

photo 1 (5)          photo 2 (5)          photo 3 (3)

photo 4 (3)


Wifi-Map is a simple app providing wifi hotspots around you. It is very easy to use and you have the possibility to add your wifi hotspot,which is why there are so many in there. The app works worldwide, and is it simple to share wifi locations via SMS, email or social media. I think this app is very useful! Must have when traveling.

  • When opening the app, it will give you the multiple wifi access around you.
  • Click on one in the list below the map to get the password to access this connection.
  • If you go for the PRO version, you will be able to save the map, and look at it offline.
  • You will also be able to switch map view to Satellite mode and see more WI-FI networks.

photo 5 (1)          photo 1 (1)


Uber is an app that allows you to get in touch with a private driver. It is cheaper than a cab and has various car options: uberX (4person capacity, cheapest), uberXL (6persons capacity), Berline (4persons capacity, more expensive), Van (6persons capacity), and WAV (4persons capacity, equipped for disabled people). The average price for a uber X is $5 minimum, with a basic price of $1.25 + $0.18/minutes and $1.10/mile + $1 fee for a safe ride.

  • When first using the app, you have to register your personal information including your credit card number.
  • The app geolocalises you, and you will either see “Order here …mins” when a car is available or “No car available” when there is none.
  • If you want to order a uber for someone else, in another location, just move the pin to the location and contact the driver to let him/her know you ordered for someone else.
  • Click on “Order here” and enter your destination address.
  • Information about the driver (his name and picture) as well as the car model and the license plate will be available. You will be able to follow your driver’s arrival in real time.
  • Next to these information, you have a menu with the option to split the bill with other people.
  • Each ride will be charged on your card and you will receive a receipt via email.

photo 1 (6)          photo 2 (6)          photo 3 (4)

My friends and I have been using Uber a lot here, at Rider University. It is very practical as we don’t have a car and that its cheaper than a cab! The downside of uber is that sometimes, when you need a ride, there is non available. We have been struggling a lot with that especially after parties, which is when all students order a uber so it ends up with too many demands for the number of drivers.

In addition to these apps, I would recommend you to download the subway app for the city you are going to. It will make your trip much easier. I personally like the Visit Paris by Metro app, which will combine the sightseeing places with the subway stops, making it very simple for people to go around the city without getting lost. This is the official app of the RATP, so you can expect complete and trustworthy information!


What do you think about these apps? Have you tried them?

Do you guys have other suggestions of travel-friendly apps? 


©Copyright- All pictures are my own. Please do not take them without permission. If they aren’t mine, pictures are linked to the original website.


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