Hamburg sightseeing

Places to see in Hamburg

I haven’t been posting about Hamburg for a while now, so I want to talk about the best places to see in Hamburg.

Hamburg is a very rich city by its history and landscape. It has characteristics of big cities but it is also very green, which makes it a lovely place for pretty much everyone. The thing that I enjoyed the most in this city is all the spaces where you can just go to talk and walk and relax. I mean, the city has so much to offer that I could only advice anyone to take advantage of its resources!

Hamburg’s City Hall

The Hamburg Rathaus is the seat of the government of Hamburg and is located in the Altstadt (Old Town)  quarter in the city center near the central station. In front of its market-square there is the Rathausmarkt, used for events and festivals. The main shopping street, Mönkebergstraße connects the city hall with the central station, Hauptbahnhof. North of the Rathaus is the Binnenalter with the Jungfernstieg station and quay for the Alter ships. Jungfernstieg is the city’s foremost boulevard and an urban promenade in Hamburg. The city hall can be accessed by the S1, S2, S3 to the Jungfernstieg station or by the U3 at the Rathaus station.

100_6264     DSCF3578    IMG_1579

Picture 1: City Hall; Picture 2: Jungfernstieg: Picture 3: Alster lake


Also called Schanzenviertel or simply Schanze, is the most bohemian quarter in Hamburg, where hipsters live, work, and play. There are also many bars, restaurants, clubs, and cafes that make the area very lively and entertaining. Schanze is surely not as new as some other parts of the city, but it is under renovation. You will certainly feel creativity in the air with colorful street arts on the walls, and weekend flea markets. It is a multicultural area, where you can find French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Moroccan and German restaurants among others. All the places are pretty affordable as many students and artists live there. In Schanze, you will come across many cozy stores that are worth having a look to. It can be accessed taking the S11, S21, S31 or U3 to the Sternchanze station.


Picture: Sternchanze and graffitis on buildings


Altona is one of the rich quarters of Hamburg, which makes me think of an old city with all its brown buildings. There are several parks near Altona, including the Volkpark, going directly onto the port and onto the beach of the Elbe river. There is also the Altonaer museum where you will learn more about the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and the state of Schleswig-Holstein. You will learn about the art and cultural history of Northern Germany. I have been there, and I found it interesting, but unfortunately there were no English guides, which made it complicated for me to understand everything. Altona can be accessed by any S-Bahn to the Hamburg-Altona station.

Altonaer_Museum     100_6290

Picture 1: The Altonaer Museum; Picture 2: Neptune fountain in Platz der Republik

Planten un Blomen

Meaning “Plants and Flowers”, Planten un Blomen is an urban park in the inner-city of Hamburg. This is one of my favorites places in Hamburg! There is an apothecary garden, where you can learn more about the healing power of plants, a playground in the southern area of the park, fountains and benches to relax. This park is well known for its different gardens: its traditional rose garden, Japanese garden, and the Old Botanical Garden of Hamburg. Planten un Blomen is also famous for its water-light concerts, public theater and music performances. This is where many people go, especially on week ends, to spend some family time or to relax. I really recommend walking around this park! It is such a beautiful place, and each time I went there, I just felt so relaxed and enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding. Planten un Blomen can be accessed by the S11, S21, S31 to the Dammtor Station or U1 to the Stephansplatz station.

IMG_0882     IMG_0951

Picture 1: Planten un Blomen park; Picture 2: The roses garden

IMG_0941               IMG_0944

Pictures: The Japanese garden


Picture: Games at Planten un Blomen

IMG_0960     DSCF3620

Pictures: The Botanic garden


Blankenese is a very pretty area of Hamburg. It is a former fishing and pilot village to the west of Hamburg located right on the Elbe. You can see lovely villas facing the Elbe where wealthy people reside. Going there with the S-Bahn (S1, S11) to the Blankenese station, you will be directly in the small and beautiful city. You have to walk down through picturesque lanes, winding stairs and houses standing close together to reach the riverside’s beach and the nice seafood restaurants. It is where the most beautiful hiking trails are and where you will have a Mediterranean feeling thanks to its landscape.

IMG_0990     IMG_1005

Picture 1: Blankenese and its villas; Picture 2: View from a hiking trail in Blankenese


The borough Harburg is situated South of the Elbe River, and covers parts of the port of Hamburg, residential and rural areas and some research institutes. It is served by the rapid transit system of the city train and the Hamburg-Harburg station (S3, S31) is also a station for long distance journeys, operated by the German railway company. I have lived in Harburg for about 6 months, and I think it is a pretty cool place. There are a majority of Turkish people living there, but they are very nice and they won’t disturb you. There is the Phoenix Center right next to the S-Bahn station Hamburg-Harburg, which is a mall where you can find many shops. The street Lüneburger Straße, heading towards Harburg-Rathaus, has also many little shops that are very nice including DM-drogerie markt, which is a cheap cosmetics shop. There is also a CinemaxX and the lovely Harburger Stadtpark where you can go for a walk or a run.


Picture: The Harburger Stadtpark 

Have you ever been to any of these places? What do you think of these? What is your favorite place in Hamburg?

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