4th of July

Day of Celebration and Fireworks

This 4th of July was my second in the U.S. The first being in Rehoboth Beach, DE, at the beach and this one being in New York City.

Chilling day

For this 4th of July weekend, a good friend from Rider University, who lives and interns in New Jersey, came up to New York. It gave us time to catch up and have some fun.

On this day of American celebration, so dear to my American friend, he made me go through a U.S. trivia… Yeah, a little culture is not bad, right? Typical of him, he just knows so much that he wants to share his knowledge… I guess! Well it wasn’t so bad.

Prospect Park

So on this particular day, we decided to go to Prospect Park, in Brooklyn. I have heard people telling me its a very nice park, and well it is! We kind of got lost at some point, but its a nice park to have a walk. We even saw people paddle boating on the lake, which was cool.

The most amazing thing was to see all these families gathered around the park barbecuing, talking, and listening to music. It’s something that I would definitely loved to have done with my family, to enjoy some time together, and I loved seeing these people enjoying family time. Plus, I am sure this happens pretty much every week end!

After the park, we decided to sit for a drink, and we found a very nice bar called The Adirondack, which serves mainly American beers, from pale ale to lager or white beer.

Capture d’écran 2015-07-07 à 19.37.34

Lower Manhattan and the fireworks

We then headed to Lower Manhattan, and decided to join a friend at her work place. From there, we sat down again and ordered beers. I must say that Le Bar at Le District is a very cool place! The view from there, on the marina, is just terrific! I really enjoy seeing the boats and yachts, and Jersey on the other side of the river.

When we left, it was already time to find a spot from where to watch the fireworks! We chose to stay around, and went to the Esplanade, near the Pier A Harbor House. From there, we had a great view on the Statue of Liberty, as well as other fireworks going on in Jersey.

The fireworks themselves were very nice, with some smiley face and heart appearing in the sky, as well as the U.S. colors. Some people even went patriotic, which was funny and nice.

11403133_10206886352659012_5630064366200737814_n          10989202_10206887415725588_4255149454747329809_n

Since it was our friend’s last night in New York, before going back to New Jersey, we thought to have one last drink. We stopped at a nice bar on the financial district, called The Cricketerers Arms. Its British heritage makes it a nice place to hang out, and it has live soccer games.

So, that was my 4th of July day! What about yours? 


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