Moto Club Rally

Celebrating the passion for motorcycles

This week end, the Chacal moto club rally is happening in Villereal (Lot-et-Garonne 47). I want to share this mainly because it has been a passion for many years.

My dad was the one initiating me to these gatherings. He is a motorcycles lover, and even had his own club once, called Marmottes Biberon Club (Marmot Moto Club).  I started very young, as soon as I could walk I guess, because my parents had a sidecar. We used it so much, even to go in holidays. I have so many good memories with this sidecar, I loved it so much! It broke my heart when my dad sold it… But I understand why he did.


Rally week ends

Basically, these motorcycle rallies are week-ends organized by different moto clubs, at different periods of the year. There are the winter rallies, which are probably the best in a way. I particularly think of Les Milles Vaches, which name come from where it occurs: The Plateau de Millevaches, an upland area in the Limousin région of France. My dad has done it a few times, but he never wanted me to go along, mainly because of all the snow, the black ice, and the very low temperature. My dad always go there with friends and in sidecar, because of its better stability than solo motorcycles. Another one I would have loved to go to is the Pinguinos rally, which is in Valladolid, Spain. This winter rally is huge and very popular, with so many people attending.

Its pretty diversified regarding people who attend: children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and mostly people 50 and older. That’s also what I like, because there is no age difference when you are there: we are all bikers, sharing a common interest, and everyone just talk to everyone else. Great atmosphere!

What is it, really?

Well, it is about celebrating bikers and their motorcycles. It is a moment for people to gather, drink, talk, dance, and eat.

Set up

After registering, everyone arrives on Saturday afternoon. It is generally between 20 and 25€ per person, including 3 meals, with extra cost for drinks. We set up the tent, because yes we do camp! ahah and it’s on: time to drink and chat with people! I just love it because my dad is the kind of super social person and its even emphasized here since he has known pretty much everyone for years! Most of them do know me as well, they saw me growing up, and since I haven’t gone to rallies that often recently, they are all very excited to see me again (and so am I!). It is just great to see all these people again, see that they are still that much passionate about motorcycles!

Food, drink, and dance

At some point in the evening, dinner is served and it is always so good! I mean, we do have good food in France, right? Well in the South West its even better 😀 ahah So if we are not too busy chatting, dancing and/or drinking, we do grab a bite! And then back to the dance floor. There is always a DJ or bands playing, mainly rock music and some of the 90s. I am not a big dancer, but I do love dancing the rock with those guys! Its so much fun 🙂



Picture: Bikers’ friends at M.C. Chacal

I would say that the “worst” part of the weekend is bed time. I usually share a tent with my dad, which is fine, except that he snores… so does the other 20-30 drunk guys around 😀 YEAH! Usually, I do not sleep that much, and it gets worse when it rains. It did rain last year, and like some other similar times, we got water into the tent. Not cool. 🙂

Bike ride

On Sunday morning, its breakfast time and the most important: 10am is time for a bike ride! The club always has an itinerary and we all follow each other, until we stop somewhere to have a snack. At M.C. Chacal, we usually stop in the city center, but I remember that we couldn’t last year (we had “troubles” a one or two years back because of the noise and all the motorcycles). So we went back and had the snack close to the camp.

IMG_1698           IMG_1699


Picture 1: On the road for the bike ride; Picture 2: Arrived for the snack

IMG_1700           Foto-ZNEMP4XV


Picture 1: Trike; Picture 2: Motorcycles and bikers gathered for a snack

Award Ceremony

Before lunch is served, all moto club organize an “award ceremony“. It rewards the younger and older bikers and passengers, the one coming from the farther distance, the one with the oldest motorcycle, some regulars,  and other moto clubs. I still have cups my dad brought back, and he still has a pretty big collection, which thrones all over the house.

Its then the beginning of the afternoon, and everybody unset their tent and go back home.

M.C. Chacal

I feel like I need to talk into more details about M.C. Chacal. Its founder, Roger, is most commonly called Chacal. He is such a chill guy! Its rally is always organized on the 3rd week end of July.

I think it is probably the one rally that I have been to the most. It has been existing for so long- we celebrated their 25th last year! It is also one of my favorite, because I know all the people and I know the ones I want to see are gonna be there. I feel like it is THE rally.

Their original thing is the “chacaux“, which are their own bills that we use to get drinks. Nice souvenir!

I remember last year, for the bike ride, I did not ride with my dad because a young boy very much wanted to go with him. So I was like “Okay, with whom am I going to go?” ahah I asked Tonton (“Uncle” as we call him) if I could rider with him in his sidecar; it was amazing! It has been a while since I haven’t been in a sidecar, and it felt awesome! 🙂 After the snack, I got a ride on a Trike, which was super fun! I loved it 🙂

It is also a place to admire all these motorcycles, of course! You see Harley Davidson, Goldwing, Kawasaki, Ducati, old models, sidecars, trikes…

IMG_0322          Foto-UAHB6S8W


Have you ever done one of those rallies? What do you think of it?


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