Hamburg Beach Bars

Beach bar hopping in Hamburg

Hamburg is probably the best city to claim itself as the home of the urban beach. Each year in April, tonnes of sand are imported to make create little seaside paradises all around Hamburg. Beach bars open their doors on May of each year as to welcome all the bar hoppers, doing it Hamburg-style.

Although you might not think at first of Hamburg as known for its beach bars, it can be explained. As you know, Hamburg is both a metropolitan city and a port city. Its residents have long been spending weekends on these city beaches, beside the Elbe River. These beach bars range from sophisticated to grunge, satisfying everyone’s tastes. Here is how your beach bar crawl could go:

Number one: StrandPauli

Located at Hafenstr 89, right by the port, StrandPauli is the must-go beach bar! You’ll find there a combination of sand, palm trees, retro lampshades, armchairs, deckchairs, and even a grill created in the front of a car (only half of the car is there). Crazy, right? You might have to get there only in the afternoon if you want a good spot, as it gets crowded very fast. Yes, it seems that everyone is meeting there to enjoy a drink while appreciating an exquisite view of Hamburg’s container port.

IMG_0989           DSCF3696

Number two: Hamburg Del Mar

Located at St Pauli-Landungsbrücken, Del Mar faces Bridge 8 from the port. Here again, you will discover a cozy beach bar, with cushioned lounge areas where to seat back and enjoy a drink while looking over to the port. Two restaurants are also available, so that you can have it all! I remember going there for a after work gathering with colleagues. We were able to get a table, and we just thought it was amazing to be here in the city, but still kind of at the beach. Great memories!

10368922_10202755322418429_2044614022032918071_o           11088986_871656142880103_5574843951824769882_o

Picture2 credit:©Hamburg Del Mar

Number three: Hamburg City Beach Club

Located next to Del Mar, the City Beach Club is closer to the Bridge 7 of the port. Being right on the pier overlooking Hamburg harbour, it is also the oldest beach bar of the city, which makes it a famous and inevitable place to go! There is even a pool, and little waterways where you can just seat and dip your feet in. Even though I have never been to HCBC, I have head that it is a very relaxing beach bar, and I will definitely go there on my next trip to Hamburg!

Fotos-Hamburg-City-Beach-Clubs-Hamburg-del-Mar-Hamburg-City-Beach-Club-HCBC-Strandperle-StrandPauli-Lago-Bay-Strandkai-01       Fotos-Hamburg-City-Beach-Clubs-Hamburg-del-Mar-Hamburg-City-Beach-Club-HCBC-Strandperle-StrandPauli-Lago-Bay-Strandkai-02

Picture credit: ©

Number four: Central Park

Located at Max-Brauer-Allee 277, Central Park is much more inland than the other beach bars. However, its location in the trendy district of Schanze, you’ll be able to enjoy a a chilled atmosphere there. It is the only beach bar without water, but its diverse clientele and relaxation benefits will distract you from noticing. Perfect place to enjoy a cold beer, a light lunch/dinner (grill there) and some music.  The one time I have been there was with colleagues again, and pretty late so it we enjoyed it by night.

227841_10150172707837508_5799103_n          csm_Central-Park-Abends-web_6f876ca33c

Pictures credit: ©Central Park

Number five: Strandperle

Located at Övelgönne 60, Strandperle is a prime location on the beach at Övelgönne. This Ottensen beach can even be reached by ferry, where people can enjoy food and drinks at Strandperle, as well as the rustic charm of the beach. You can combine swimming and refreshment in one place while relaxing and admiring the ships passing by. Like no other beach bars, Strandperle is open all year round, with heaters available in winter to protect visitors from the bad weather. I have never been there, but I would definitely try and go to this special beach bar, both in summer or in winter, as the winter experience must be something!

strandperlePhoto credit: ©Kay-Uwe Rosseburg

Have you ever been to any city beach (Stadtstrand)? How did you like it?

©Copyright- All pictures are my own. Please do not take them without permission. If they aren’t mine, pictures are linked to the original website.


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