London For A Day

When coming back to Paris from Hamburg, I got the chance that a surprise was waiting for me: a day-trip to London! At that time, it has been a while since I haven’t gone to London, and it is only a 2h30 to 3h journey.

As I went with my godmother and a friend of hers, we all already had seen most of the touristic parts of London. So we thought we would go around town, like Londoners would.

1st stop: Marble Arch

Jumping on the tube, we took the direction to Marble Arch. From there, we walk through Oxford Street, and stopped at Primark, a very famous fashion retail shop, known for its low prices. On our way, I could avoid noticing the fancy-looking taxis and amazing buildings’ facades, such as the Selfridges one.

IMG_1632     IMG_1634

Picture 1: Marble Arch; Picture 2: Oxford Street

IMG_1636     IMG_1637

Picture 1: a taxi cab; Picture 2: Facade of Selfridges

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