What it means to travel

Hello new comers!

IMG_1613_Fotor_CollageIt all started almost 6 years ago for me, when I went abroad for the first time. This summer 2009, I went to the US for 1 month, in Connecticut, to live in an American family, take English classes, and discover this unknown country. From there, I have returned to the US to o work during the summer and now to study at Rider University. I also had the chance to visit London, Rome, Montreal, Amsterdam, Berlin and to live for a year in Hamburg, Germany.

I think that travelling is important, especially now, as more and more young people get the chance to learn foreign languages and go abroad to gain experiences and discover places they have never seen before. Travelling is fun! But it can also be complicated and stressing. Nevertheless, I am convinced that leaving is the best way to learn more about yourself and the others, to grow and to learn.


Those are the reasons why I decided to dedicate this blog to travels. I will try to give insights and advices that I got from my experiences, and make you travel with me thanks to my posts.


Enjoy 🙂


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