Traveling by train

Europe by train

Travelling through Europe by train is a unique experience. Yes, you can basically go all over Europe, in various countries, only by taking the train. It is also a great way to meet people, either fellow travelers or locals.

Traveling within a country

In many European countries, people mostly travel from one city to another by train. It is often cheaper than flying and the train allows a better access to remote towns.

In France, for example, the SNCF has a monopoly over the rail network. If you do travel often, there are cards available. For a while, I had the 12-25 card, and I sometimes got trains for 25% to 50% off its original price, which is very nice! The card costs 50€ for the year, so you can easily imagine that it becomes profitable after 3-4 travels.

In Germany, I know that the Deutsche Bahn has the monopoly, being the main rail network used to travel around the country. I have never used it, mainly because it can be pretty expensive (bit more than in France). However, in Germany also you have cards such as the BanhCar 25 that grants you 25% discount on routes.


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What does travel mean?

What is your definition of travel?

So with this article, I wanted to touch upon the concept of traveling itself, as that is what my blog is about. I hope this will make sense, and that you will recognize your traveler-self  in there.

According to the Free Dictionary, traveling is to go from one place to another, as a trip; journey. This definition is pretty straightforward, but I think that traveling goes way beyond this.

Do you think that going somewhere must be of a certain period length to be defined as travel? Do you have to actually leave your country to be traveling? What if you go to the next town?


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Solo Travel vs. Group Travel

Solo traveler, or group traveler?

I have experienced both. The very first time I travelled alone was when I went to Germany. More recently, I have travelled with a group of friends, to Montreal, Canada. Those two options have pros and cons, and I guess both are great, but it can depend on people’s personality.

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The pros of Solo Travel:

  • You get to meet new people: When you are alone, you are more exposed to meeting new people, from different background. They are either travelers as well or people from the country you are visiting. In both cases, travelling alone pushes you to communicate with people, even if you are a solitary. Plus, other travelers can share their experiences with you, from which you can learn many things, and vice versa. When it comes to the natives, they will definitely bring you a lot in terms of the culture, the language, and can even help you get around the city. People around you are great sources of information and inspiration, don’t miss on that.
  • You’re independent: Travelling alone means that you do not depend on someone else. You do not have do go through compromises, dealing with the others’ considerations and so on. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and that’s the coolest part!
  • It’s exciting: Solo travel is exciting as you do not know anything or anyone where you’ll be. It’s all new, so it’s all about discovering and learning of the new environment you are in. Creating your own journey is an adventure, and you’ll get so many positive things out of it!

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