Hamburg sightseeing

Places to see in Hamburg

I haven’t been posting about Hamburg for a while now, so I want to talk about the best places to see in Hamburg.

Hamburg is a very rich city by its history and landscape. It has characteristics of big cities but it is also very green, which makes it a lovely place for pretty much everyone. The thing that I enjoyed the most in this city is all the spaces where you can just go to talk and walk and relax. I mean, the city has so much to offer that I could only advice anyone to take advantage of its resources!

Hamburg’s City Hall

The Hamburg Rathaus is the seat of the government of Hamburg and is located in the Altstadt (Old Town)  quarter in the city center near the central station. In front of its market-square there is the Rathausmarkt, used for events and festivals. The main shopping street, Mönkebergstraße connects the city hall with the central station, Hauptbahnhof. North of the Rathaus is the Binnenalter with the Jungfernstieg station and quay for the Alter ships. Jungfernstieg is the city’s foremost boulevard and an urban promenade in Hamburg. The city hall can be accessed by the S1, S2, S3 to the Jungfernstieg station or by the U3 at the Rathaus station.

100_6264     DSCF3578    IMG_1579

Picture 1: City Hall; Picture 2: Jungfernstieg: Picture 3: Alster lake

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Job Interview Tips U.S.

Useful tips for job interviews in the U.S.

So… Since I am graduating this May, I might as well do my best to get a job, right? I first searched a lot in Europe (except France), as I really wanted to go back there and be closer to my family and friends. But after a hundreds application sent and no answers or some negative ones, I gave up on Europe, and focused on the U.S.

I wanted to share some useful tips with you!

1. It’s going fast: I sent my resumé the night before or in the morning and got calls during the afternoon to set up an interview.

2. Be prepared to move: Most of the companies will ask you for a face-to-face interview, regardless of where you live.

3. Use sites such as: CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Monster …

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Travel apps

Travel and Technology

Today, I wanna talk about both technology and travel by giving some tips about which apps to choose when traveling.

I have made a selection of a few, the ones that I think works the best and are convenient. I have tried all of these this semester and I wanted to give you my feedback and share my impressions with you.


Gogobot is a very fun app to plan your travel! It has a great design and it includes all information that you could be looking for when away for work, a week end or for vacation. Also, it allows users like you to leave reviews, in which you fully trust. I really liked this app- I like its look and all its options. I highly recommend Gogobot!

  • It allows you to access hotels and accommodations options available in your area through “Stay”; “Eat” gives you all places where to eat that are located in your area; “Play” gives you all the activities available in your current location
  • If you click on the map icon on the top right corner, you’ll have a map of all the places proposed.
  • In “Feed” you’ll find the latest reviews for your local area but also for other areas, by clicking on “Global”.
  • When clicking on “Region” you’ll find reviews and pictures about your current location.
  • Signing up allows to post reviews of your own and create postcards, which consist in sharing photos of the places you’ve been to and help other Gogobot users to discover new places.
  • In the menu tab, you have the option to create lists, “explore the world” gives you various cities with their history, foodies, backpackers, nightlife… all kind of info and you can also write reviews.

photo 1
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Easter in Hamburg

Easter Fire

Its a bit of a late post as Easter is already over… but I still want to share with you my Easter experience in Hamburg.

So last week end, April 4th and 5th, was Easter week end. In Hamburg, this is called Osterfeuer.


Osterfeuer basically means easter fire, which is a long tradition in Hamburg and on the Elbe. It happens on the evening of Easter Saturday. This lightening of huge bonfires was originally a pagan tradition. It was said that the light and warmth of the fire were supposed to drive out the winter and ensure good harvest. Later, this tradition was adopted by the Christians.

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Spring Break 2K15

Gulf Shores

So, after our 2 days driving South, we finally got to arrive at our beach house (rented through HomeAway) in the Gulf Shoes!


What did we do?

Honestly, we did not do much! We spent every morning on the beach, each sun bathing or walking along the ocean. Most afternoons were spent on the beach as well, with the guys playing frisbee, football, soccer, or building sandcastle and the girls talking and sunbathing. But we did not get bored for a second! The time went fast, too fast even.

By the way, for our first day on the beach, we did not have any sunscreen and we did not worry about it because we thought the that sun was not that strong. But it was. It does not take much to get sunburn, especially when its the first sun you exposed to! So, do not forget the sunscreen!

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SpringBreak 2015

WOW! I have a bunch of things to tell you guys about my Springbreak. It was so amazing and we had such a great time! But first things first.


First, all vacations need planning. As a group of eight people, you can imagine that it has not always been easy to agree on everything.

We first thought about going to Chicago, and then to a friend’s lake house in Wisconsin. As going North meant that the weather would still be cold during this period, and may be even colder than in New Jersey, our American friend suggested that we go to Mobile, Alabama. We liked the idea, and decided to go even more South, in either the Gulf Shores or Pensacola. Our decision stopped on Gulf Shores, located in the Gulf of Mexico. We looked at house rentals and ended up agreeing on one situated close to Fort Morgan, at the tip of the island.

After putting many efforts to finally rent a house that everyone agreed on, we went through the car rental process. Hopefully, our American friend already has a car, so we had only one other to rent. Here, we debated about adding a second driver, which company to rent it from, and encountered obstacles such as the age limit for the second driver. In the end, we rented a Jeep Cherokee from Avis at a pretty affordable price and managed to have two drivers insured.

Knowing that we were going to enjoy some beach time really increased our excitement!

Itinerary SpringBreak             


Photo 1: Our road trip itinerary; Photo 2: On the road

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London For A Day

When coming back to Paris from Hamburg, I got the chance that a surprise was waiting for me: a day-trip to London! At that time, it has been a while since I haven’t gone to London, and it is only a 2h30 to 3h journey.

As I went with my godmother and a friend of hers, we all already had seen most of the touristic parts of London. So we thought we would go around town, like Londoners would.

1st stop: Marble Arch

Jumping on the tube, we took the direction to Marble Arch. From there, we walk through Oxford Street, and stopped at Primark, a very famous fashion retail shop, known for its low prices. On our way, I could avoid noticing the fancy-looking taxis and amazing buildings’ facades, such as the Selfridges one.

IMG_1632     IMG_1634

Picture 1: Marble Arch; Picture 2: Oxford Street

IMG_1636     IMG_1637

Picture 1: a taxi cab; Picture 2: Facade of Selfridges

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Solo Travel vs. Group Travel

Solo traveler, or group traveler?

I have experienced both. The very first time I travelled alone was when I went to Germany. More recently, I have travelled with a group of friends, to Montreal, Canada. Those two options have pros and cons, and I guess both are great, but it can depend on people’s personality.

solo-travel_2989176b ©TheTelegraph

The pros of Solo Travel:

  • You get to meet new people: When you are alone, you are more exposed to meeting new people, from different background. They are either travelers as well or people from the country you are visiting. In both cases, travelling alone pushes you to communicate with people, even if you are a solitary. Plus, other travelers can share their experiences with you, from which you can learn many things, and vice versa. When it comes to the natives, they will definitely bring you a lot in terms of the culture, the language, and can even help you get around the city. People around you are great sources of information and inspiration, don’t miss on that.
  • You’re independent: Travelling alone means that you do not depend on someone else. You do not have do go through compromises, dealing with the others’ considerations and so on. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and that’s the coolest part!
  • It’s exciting: Solo travel is exciting as you do not know anything or anyone where you’ll be. It’s all new, so it’s all about discovering and learning of the new environment you are in. Creating your own journey is an adventure, and you’ll get so many positive things out of it!

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Hamburg’s Red Light District

Reeperbahn is a street in Hamburg’s St Pauli district, and is probably one of the best part of Hamburg, when it comes to partying. When you go there during the day, it is pretty much a normal street, with shops, bars, theaters, and cafes. However, you will see unconventional shops there: many many sex shops and strip clubs, brothels and a sex museum. Yes, that’s Reeperbahn!

When you go at night, be careful. Some rules:

  • Never go there alone, especially as a girl (I have been accosted by a few weird dudes).
  • Be sure you stay with your friends, as it can get very crowded.
  • Do not pay attention to the drunkies along the street, but stay away from them, they can be dangerous.
  • If you see suspicious women at clubs’ entries, do not worry, they are prostitutes, here to pick up men. Your male friends have great chances to be accosted 😉
  • If you have a problem, the police station is right there! Policemen patrol all night, so you are kind of safe.

IMG_0855             IMG_0850

 Picture 1: Große Freiheit by night; Picture 2: A strip club

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Home Sweet Home

Bergerac is a municipality of the department of the Dordogne (24), in region Aquitaine, in the South West of France. There are 27972 inhabitants, so it is a pretty small city. It has been classified city of art and history. The city is crossed by the Dordogne river.

I don’t live directly in Bergerac, but 15mins away, in the suburbs. But my high school was in the city center, so I got to spend time with friends there. There is not much to do there, but it is nice that we can just sit down and have a good time.

There are also some shops on the main street, Rue Neuve d’Argenson.

IMG_2125              IMG_2127
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